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The Complete Set: Suitcase + Free Bag


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Smart tech comes together with smart materials and the new travel essentials with Samsara’s Complete Set. Samsara curated this set for the modern-day traveler looking to stay safe in more ways than one. Each product has its own unique way of keeping you protected for a stress-free travel experience.

The Complete Set Includes:

  • 21" Aluminum Smart Carry-On Suitcase
  • 5 quality packing bags for every occasion
  • Weekender Nano Travel Bag
  • Travel Essentials Kit

Aluminum Smart Carry-On

Keep your distance while making an entrance with Samsara’s 21” Aluminum Smart Carry-on suitcase. The Carry-on doubles as a portable workstation and charging station. The powerful 10,000 mah battery charges all electronic devices, large and small. The smart unit works as an on-the-go security system that sends instant notifications to your phone when the suitcase is moving away or being opened. Interior LED light feature so you can find anything, anytime. The waterproof aluminum material can be sanitized and cleaned as you travel. Designed for the adventure seeker of today. Available in sleek silver or matte black. Buy the Aluminum Smart Carry-On separately.

Unboxing and tutorial of Smsara carry on from Samsara Luggage on Vimeo.

Weekender Nano Bag

Samsara introduces smart materials to its collection.The Nano travel bag is treated with nanotechnology preventing bacteria from growing on the fabric. It repels water, dirt, and germs so you’re only left with good memories after your next jet-set island escape. Whether in-flight or on a road trip, the Nano Bag can help keep you safe as you alternate from taxis, hotels, and subway rides. The Nano Bag has an easily accessible shoe compartment to keep your footwear separate from packed items. Can be used as a carry-on, gym bag, or weekender. Shop Weekender Nano Bag.

Essentials by Samsara

Each of the five travel-sized essentials is designed to help you maintain optimum protection while in transit. Whether on your daily commute, traveling domestic or international, the 'Essentials by Samsara' safety kit is a necessity. Want to buy the kit separately? click here.

Each kit Includes:

  • 1 x Protective Reusable Mask N95*
  • 1 x Sanitizing Gel** (100 ml)
  • 4 x Disinfectant pads
  • 3 x Pairs of disposable Gloves*** (Color subject to change)
  • 1 x Essentials Bag (23 x 13.2 cm)

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